Seed grants are awarded for one year and are intended to enable researchers to make progress in a novel research area, obtain preliminary results and facilitate the application process for external funding.

Seed grants awarded Fall of 2018:

  • Instrumentation Grant: Educational Microscope Building Sets;

    Joerg Bewersdorf, Ziad Ganim, and Hesper Rego

  • An instrument combining optical tweezers, micropipettes, and confocal imaging to manipulate and measure membrane tension;

    Julien Berro, Michael Murrell, and Erdem Karatekin

  • Defining how skin differentiation is coupled to mechanical cues through the LINC complex;

    Valerie Horsley and Megan King

  • Structure of the severing protein spastin bound to microtubules;

    Joe Howard and Charles Sindelar

  • Sensory information flow during bacterial chemotaxis;

    Ben Machta and Thierry Emonet

  • Exploring cell-cell interactions between macrophages, fibroblasts, and melanoma cells;

    Michael Mak and Kathryn Miller-Jensen

  • Modeling the structural and mechanical properties of tissue during zebrafish tailbud elongation;

    Scott Holley and Corey O’Hern

Seed grants awarded Fall of 2016:

  • How is information integrated during olfactory navigation?;

    Thierry Emonet and Damon Clark

  • Profiling of circulating tumor cells using microengineered tools to identify targets for adjuvant therapy in metastatic triple negative breast cancer;

    Anthony Koleske and Rong Fan

  • Novel protein-based supramolecular structures for use in biosensing applications;

    Chinedum Osuji and Lynne Regan

  • Multi-C2 domain proteins in membrane contact formation, fusion, and lipid exchange;

    Erdem Karatekin and Yongli Zhang

  • Chromatin organization: probing dynamic states in single cells over multiple time scales;

    Simon Mochrie and Megan King

  • Physical modeling of tumor development;

    Marcus Bosenberg and Corey O’Hern

  • Glassy dynamics of myosin motors in skeletal muscle;

    Madhu Venkadesan and Michael Murrell

Seed grants awarded Fall of 2011:

  • DEAD-box protein motor function;

    Enrique De La Cruz and Yongli Zhang

  • Mechanical homeostasis at cellular scale;

    Eric Dufrense and Jay Humphrey

  • Building a laser-scanning microscope used to meaure FCS and FCCS in living cells (instrumentation);

    Liz Rhoades

  • Upgrading an optical trap to enable fluorescence microscopy (instrumentation);

    Megan King and Simon Mochrie

  • Deciphering the mechanisms modulating tissue fluidics during vertebrate body elongation;

    Thierry Emonet and Scott Holley

  • Design of a novel paradigm for protein mediated electron transfer;

    Andrew Miranker and Corey Wilson

  • Thermodynamics of chromatin remodeling;

    Lynne Regan and Simon Mochrie

  • The neglected component of protein folding and protein-protein interactions: Investigating packing by simulation and experiment;

    Corey O’Hern and Lynne Regan

Seed grants awarded Fall of 2009:

  • The Role of Curvature in alpha-Synuclein Binding to Lilpid Bilayers;

    Elizabeth Rhoades and Corey O’Hern

  • Laying the Groundwork for a Revolution in Structural and Molecular Biology Through Single Molecule Imaging with Angstrom Resolution;

    Michael Levene and Corey Wilson

  • Using Proteins to Create ‘Smart’ Stimuli-Responsive Nono-Materials;

    Corey O’Hern and Lynne Regan

  • The Role of Time in Odor Coding;

    Thierry Emonet and John Carlson

  • Single Molecule Studies of the Thermodynamics of Histone Modification / Chromatin Remodeling;

    Simon Mochrie and Lynne Regan

 Seed grants are funded by the Physics, Engineering, and Biology Support Fund