2014 NSF REU


Fellow’s Institution

Research Mentor

Project Title

Caitlin Anderson

Wartburg College

Prof. Julien Berro

Tracking single proteins involved in clathrin-mediated endocytosis with super-resolution microscopy

Chance Barrett

Lincoln University

Prof. Andre Taylor

Light-trapping structure of Diatom Frustule for Enhanced SWNT/Si Solar Energy Conversion

Daniel Chawla

College of New Jersey

Prof. Thierry Emonet

Chemotactic performance in a diverse population of E. coli

Jacob Culver

Ball State University

Prof. Liz Rhoades

Characterization of tubulin-tau interface via acrylodan labeling

Jean Garcia

Turabo University, Puerto Rico

Prof. Enrique De La Cruz

Human cofilin alters the mechanics of non-muscle actin filaments and severs them

Larisa Gearhart

Mills College

Prof. Kathryn Miller-Jensen

Optimization of a passive flow microfluidic device for live-cell imaging

Zebediah Girvin

Quinnipiac University

Prof. Andrew Miranker

Targeting the helical intermediates of IAPP with synthetic foldamers

James Ting

Yale University

Prof. Yongli Zhang

Automating and calibrating optical tweezers

Mary Yates

McDaniel College

Prof. Valerie Horsley

Altering tension in human embryonic stem cells to increase differentiation

* We also had two affiliates, who were conducting research on Yale’s campus and participated in the enrichment and social activities: Natalie Steenrod (Horwich lab) and Meghan O’Connell (Howard lab). Natalie’s project was titled: “Studying the neuromuscular junction in ALS,” and Meghan’s was titled: “In vitro reconstruction of cytoplasmic streaming of kinesin-1”

  • Playing badminton at an REU social
  • REU presentation
  • Photo of REU participants and REU leadership
  • Annual cricket match with grad students and postdocs
  • PEB Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • PEB Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • REU scavenger hunt