2012 NSF REU


Fellow’s Institution

Research Mentor

Project Titles

Jane Long Yale University Prof. Joerg Bewersdorf Super Resolution Imaging of HIV Env
Graham Allen Connecticut College Prof. Hui Cao Reducing Laser Speckle Through a Highly Scattering Colloidal Solution for use in Imaging
Steven Zwick Yale University Prof. Thierry Emonet Modeling Dynamical Networks in the Drosophila Antennal Lobe
Stephen Revilla Maryville College Prof. Valerie Horsley Traction Forces in Keratinocyte Colonies
Kelsey Van Dalfsen Elon University Prof. Megan King The Role of Peripheral DNA in Nuclear Mechanics
Reema Sharma University of Maryland, Baltimore County Prof. David McCormick Characterization of EntorhinalCortex Layer 1 Neurons during Slow Oscillation In-Vitro
Pallavi Bhargava University of Maryland, Baltimore County Prof. Kathryn Miller-Jensen HIV Nef Induces Cytokine Secretion from Macrophages
Nick Roy Yale University Prof. Xiao-Jing Wang The Spatial and Temporal Tuning of Neurons in a Working Memory Task