2012-2013 Student Organizers:

Yao Zhao (Mochrie Lab, Applied Physics)

2012-2013 PEB discussion group schedule

September 28, 2012

Research: Xinming Zhang (Zhang lab): Optical tweezers: powerful tools to study protein folding
Research: Sarah Schreiner (King lab): Role of chromatin in mechanically buffering cytoskeletal forces at the nuclear envelope

October 26, 2012

Research: Chuck Sindelar (Sindelar Lab): Finding kinesin (3D): using new high-resolution imaging methods to examine the brave journey of a molecular motor
Literature: Matt Akamatsu (Pollard Lab): Measuring Molecular Motor Forces In Vivo: Implications for Tug-of-War Models of Bidirectional Transport

November 16, 2012

Research: Alice Qinhua Zhou (Regan and O’Hern Labs), The Power of Hard Sphere Model
Research: Wendell Smith (O’Hern Lab), Molecular Simulations of the Fluctuating Conformational Dynamics of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

December 14, 2012

Research: Robert McDougal (Shepherd-Willhite Lab), Challenges and Progress in the Computational Study of Neuronal Calcium Waves
Research: Nick Sawyer (Regan Lab), Sequence Analysis of Repeat Protein Modules to Guide Protein Design

January 25, 2013

Research: Ross Boltyanskiy (Dufresne Lab), Probing Mechanical Homeostasis of Individual Cells
Research: Katie Rosowski (Horsley Lab), A Role for Mechanics in Stem Cell Differentiation

February 22, 2013

Research: Damon Clark (Clark Lab), 3-Point Correlations in Motion Estimation
Research: Patrick McMillen (Holley Lab), Cell Adhesion and Extracellular Matrix Assembly during Zebrafish Segmentation

March 29, 2013

Research: Stuart Campbell (Campbell Lab), Multi-scale Studies of Cardiac Myofilament Activation
Research: Christian Cyron (Humphrey Lab), Micromechanical Continuum Approach for the Computational Analysis for Biopolymer Networks

April 26, 2013

Research: Murat Acar (Acar Lab), Understanding the Evolution of a Natural Gene Network Between Closely-Related Yeast Species
Research: Ivan Surovtsev (Jacobs-Wagner lab), Mesoscale Dynamics of Bacterial Cyroplasm

May 18, 2012

Research: PEB second-year students