2011-2012 Student Organizers:

Ross Boltyanskiy (Dufresne Lab, Physics)
Nick Sawyer (Regan Lab, MB&B)

2011-2012 PEB discussion group schedule

September 16, 2011

Systems Biology Symposium

October 21, 2011

Research: Yongli Zhang (Zhang Lab), Single-molecule studies of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling and protein folding
Research: Michael Sneddon (Emonet Lab), Stochastic coordination of multiple flagellar motors improves performance in bacterial chemotaxis

November 17, 2011

Research: Daniel Schlingman (Regan Lab), The Effects of Histone Mutations on the Rate of Chromatin Remodeling
Research: Doug Kelley (Ouellette Lab), Bug turbulence? Studying collective behaviors of C. riparius with Lagrangian particle tracking

December 16, 2011

Research: Abhi Nath (Miranker / Rhoades Labs), Computationally Identifying Small-Molecule Modulators of IAPP Toxicity
Research:Farren Isaacs (Isaacs Lab), Programming genomes to expand life’s functional repertoire


2012 Spring PEB discussion group schedule

January 20, 2012

Research: Aaron Mertz (Dufresne Lab), Active surface tension of cohesive cell colonies
Research: Seng Fatt Liew (Cao Lab), Structural colors of butterfly wings

February 17, 2012

Research: Jamie Schwendinger-Schreck (Holley Lab), Deciphering the network of /her/hes/ genes in zebrafish segmentation
Research: Eben Olson (Levene Lab), Analyzing brightness distribution with fluorescence cumulant analysis

March 16, 2012

Research: Matt Akamatsu (Pollard Lab), Assembly and stoichiometry of cytokinesis precursor nodes in fission yeast
Research: Kristina Herbert (J. Steitz Lab), Regulation and Mechanism of Pri-miRNA Processing

April 15, 2011

Research: Alice Zhou (O’Hern / Regan Labs), The power of hard sphere models: Explaining side-chain dihedral angle distributions of Thr and Val
Research: Sarah Schreiner (King Lab), The role of peripheral chromatin in nuclear integrity

May 18, 2012

Research: Michael Bradley (De La Cruz Lab), ATPase coupling in the processive RNA helicase NS3 from hepatitis C virus 
Research: Jared Harwayne-Gidansky (O’Hern Lab), Minimal energy packings of weakly semiflexible polymers: Application to targeted self-assembly of nanostructures