2018 NSF REU


Fellow’s Institution

Research Mentor

Project Title

Vanessa Achoy

Vassar College Prof. John Murray fMRI Connectivity Matrix Generation with Autoencoders

Zoe Aridor

Yale University

Prof. Corey O’Hern

Vibrational Properties of Protein Cores

Megan Ayers

Lewis & Clark College Prof. Thierry Emonet The Role of Adaptation in Chemotactic Behavior of Simulated E. coli Cells

Mahammad Camara

Farfield University Prof. Stuart Campbell Mechanotransduction of Fibroblast on Native Cardiac Scaffolds

Alejandro Collins

Yale University Prof. Scott Holley Gene Mutations in the Context of Zebrafish Body Elongation

Ben Guan

Connecticut College Prof. Simon Mochrie Investigating Particles’ Trajectories Using Perturbation Expectation Maximization

 Victor Morales

University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez

Prof. Marcus Bosenberg

T Cell Subset Characterization Using Single Cell-RNA-Seq Data for Immunoncology Discovery

Louis Romero

Hartnell College Prof. Damon Clark Modeling Directional Selectivity with a Modified Hassenstein-Reichardt Correlator

Rosa Romero

California State University San Marcos

Prof. Ziad Ganim

Development of Dark Field Microscope

Joesph Tibbs

University of Northern Iowa

Prof. Michael Murrell

Simulating Cytoskeletal Dynamics with a Variable Time Step


  • REU group after giving research presentations.
    REU group after giving research presentations.