2013-2014 Student Organizers:

Diego Caballero (O’Hern Lab, Physics)
Lynn Liu (De La Cruz lab, MB&B)

2013-2014 PEB discussion group schedule

September 20, 2013

Research: David Taylor(Wang lab): RNA-induced structural activation of the CRISPR-associated Cas9 endonuclease
Research: Danny Schlingman (Regan lab): The nuclesome unwinds into two states at physiological forces and ionic strengths

October 18, 2013

Research: Julien Berro (Berro Lab): Molecular Mechanisms of Actin Dynamics during Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
Research: Alex Kwan (Kwan Lab): Functional dissection of local and long-range neural circuits

November 15, 2013

Research: Martha Braun (Karatekin Lab), FisB Mediated Membrane Fission During Sporulation in Bacillus subtillis
Research: Fang Huang (Brewersdorf Lab), Localization Nanoscopy Goes Fast and 3D

January 17, 2014

Research: Miriam Amiram (Isaacs Lab), Super natural materials: expanding the genetic code for the production of exotic biopolymers
Research: Caroline Laplante (Pollard Lab), Real time super-resolution microscopy of the cytokinetic apparatus of fission yeast

February 21, 2013

Research: Kathryn Rosowski (Horsley Lab), A role for mechanics in stem cell differentiation
Research: Joe Howard (Howard Lab), Beat Generation: From single molecules to the collective motion of vilia and flagella

March 21, 2014

Research: Corey Wilson (Wilson Lab), Controlling the Flow of Energy Through a Protein Matrix
Research: Junyi Jiao (Zhang Lab), Single Molecule Manipulation Study of Gp41 Folding in HIV-1 Infection and Drug Resistance

April 18, 2014

Research: Aleksander Rebane (Zhang Lab), Data analysis of Single-Molecule Trajectories from Optical Tweezers
Research: Nicholas Frankel (Emonet lab) Trade-offs in Bacterial Chemotaxis and the Adaptation of Non-Genetic Diversity

May 18, 2012

Research: Shyam Krishnakumar (Rothman Lab) Regulation of Membrane Fusion at the Neuronal Synapse
Research: PEB second-year students