2013 NSF REU


Fellow’s Institution

Research Mentor

Project Title

Kimberely Alexander Niagara University Prof. Rick Prum Mapping plumage iridescence in the avian color space
Ife Aworanti University of Maryland, Baltimore County Prof. Kathryn Miller-Jensen Validating Antibodies for Intracellular Protein Quantification
Max Birger Yale University Prof. Simon Mochrie High Speed Optical Tweezers: A Look at Nucleosome Unwinding
Brianna Bourgeois Louisiana State University Prof. Farren Isaacs Generating a library of mutant synthetases to incorporate unnatural amino acids into proteins
Aviva Bulow Metropolitan State University - Denver Prof. Corey Wilson Redesigning E. coli’s Adenylate Kinase for Enhanced Thermostability
Isaiah Cochran Waynesburg University Prof. Megan King Programmed Double Strand Break Induction using Fission Yeast
Diana Gooding Transylvania University Prof. Hui Cao Developmental Plasticity of Junonia Coenia
Krystal Harrison North Carolina A&T State University Prof. Zhaoxia Sun Dissecting the underlying mechanisms involved in brain hemorrhage in cilia mutants
Po-Yi Ho Yale University Prof. Corey O’Hern Modeling Intrinsically Disordered Proteins with Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Nilsa La Cunza New Jersey Institute of Technology Prof. Jay Humphrey Transglutaminase is responsible for the compaction of fibroblast-populated collagen gels through cross-linking
Roberto Leon-Barriera Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Prof. Michael Nitabach Effect of light stimulus intensity on C. elegans behavioral responses
Jovans Lorquet Barry University Prof. Thomas Pollard In vivo characterization of Protein Interactions in S. pombe through confocal microscopy
Mike McGraw Lehigh University Prof. Lynne Regan Protein Origami: Building a 2D Protein Structure Using Coiled-Coils
Ernest Monahan University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Prof. David McCormick The Effects of drug ZD 7288 on Entorrhinal Cortex in vitro
Karina Nieves Torres University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Prof. Enrique De La Cruz Functional regulation of cofilin as an actin severing protein by phosphorylation
Samuel Norcross Connecticut College Prof. Valerie Horsley Mechanics of Differentiation: a Study of the Edge Effect in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Christine Parsons Bowdoin College Prof. Frank Slack Investigating the Role of MiRNAs During Aging in C. elegans and Humans
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