2014-2015 Student Organizers:

Julie Park (H. Lin lab, Cell Biology)
Stefan Elrington (Barrett lab, Physics)

2014-2015 PEB discussion group schedule

September 26, 2014

Research: Hyeran Kang (De La Cruz lab): Site-specific cation release drives actin filament severing by vertebrate cofilin
Research: Erdem Karatekin (Karatekin lab): Control of fusion pore nucleation and dynamics by SNARE proteins

October 24, 2014

Research: Ellen White (Miranker lab): Self-assembly and stability of a small beta-helix
Research: Ramesh Ramji (Miller-Jensen lab): Microdevices enabling single cell analysis

November 21, 2014

Research: Alejandro Virrueta (O’Hern lab), Hard sphere models: Predicting methionine side-chain dihedral angles
Research: Ying Guo (Yan lab), Thermal stability of vertebrate visual pigments is correlated to molecular evolution of vision

January 16, 2015

Research: Diego Caballero (O’Hern lab), Equilibrium transitions between side chain conformations in leucine and isoleucine
Research: Sarah Schreiner (King lab), Tethering of chromatin to the nuclear envelope supports stable nuclear mechanics

February 20, 2015

Research: Betsy Speltz (Regan lab), Synthetic proteins for synthetic biology
Research: Aaron Lewis (De Camili, Dufresne, Prum labs), Development of gyroid membranes in butterfly scale cells

March 20, 2015

Research: Ross Boltyanskiy (Dufresne lab), Mechanical response of single cells to stretch
Research: Xiongfe Fu (Emonet lab), Phenotypic diversity and collective behavior in chemotactic migratory waves

April 17, 2014

Research: Ziad Ganim (Ganim lab), Structural Resolution in Single Molecule Experiments
Research: Shirin Bahmanyar (Bahmanyar lab), Nuclear stiffness protects against mitotic errors

May 16, 2014

2nd year PEB students