2023 NSF REU


Fellow’s Institution

Research Mentor

Project Title

AnnahMarie Behn

University of Notre Dame Prof. Cristina Rodriguez In vivo Deep Tissue Imaging via Three-Photon Microscopy

Freya Beinart

Kenyon College

Prof. Caitlin Davis

The Effect of Fluorescent Protein Tags on λ-Repressor Thermodynamics 

Andras Bencze

Saint Anselm College Prof. Julien Berro

Quantifying Forces on Cytokinesis Proteins in S. Pombe

Isabel Burger

Pomona College Prof. Thierry Emonet

Non-genetic inheritance of bacterial swimming behaviors

Andres Cordoba

Duke University Prof.  Corey O’Hern Using Biophysical Parameters to Predict Protein-Protein Docking

Gabriella Mendoza

University of Connecticut Profs. Ryan Jensen and Megan King

Leveraging DNA repair defects to treat BRCA2-mutated cancer cells via combined inhibition of PARP1 and BLM-DNA2

Charlene Pobee

Washington University in St. Louis

Prof. Jay Humphrey

Quantifying Microstructural Composition of Aortic Tissue from a Mouse Model with Hutchinson-Guilford Progeria Disorder

Yair Saucedo

MidAmerica Nazarene University Prof. Michael Mak

Collagen-based biomimetic structures to study fibrosis in cancer

Keylianis Valentin

University of Puerto Rico - Humacao

Prof. Amir Pahlavan

Chemotactic Response of Bacteria to Nutrient Plumes

Affiliates: Jared Balsz-Diaz (Prof. Scott Miller); Nikaila Campbell (Prof. Megan King); Timothy Jaglal (Profs. Simon Mochrie and Megan King); Mohammad Khan (Profs. Megan King and Simon Mochrie); Alexander Morand (Prof. Corey O’Hern); George Ploumis (Prof. Corey O’Hern)

  • Group image of 2023 REU participants and Dr. Carley at the LANS conference
    REU Group at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium
  • Keylianis is standing in front of her poster with a small group of people listening to her presentation
    Keylianis Valentin presenting her poster at the Summer Poster Symposium
  • Andras is mid-sentence, standing in front of a projector that shows a slide from his talk
    Andras Bencze presenting his summer research at LANS
  • Full classroom of REU students coding along with a graduate student instructor during the Python Workshop
    REU students learning from PEB graduate students during the Python Workshop
  • Charlene points to her poster while presenting her summer research to another LANS participant.
    Charlene Pobee presenting her summer research at LANS
  • AnnahMarie stands next to her poster while speaking with two audience members
    AnnahMarie Behn presenting her summer research at the Summer Poster Symposium