Department Research Interests
Murat Acar's picture

Murat Acar
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Understanding how gene networks are rewired while cells evolve in controlled laboratory environments using experimental, theoretical and computational approaches
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Shirin Bahmanyar
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Nuclear dynamics during cell division and organismal development, mechanisms that divide organelle structure, defining functions of inner nuclear membrane proteins in the organization of single cells and complex tissues.
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Sean Barrett
Applied Physics; Physics Experimental condensed matter physics; NMR method development
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Julien Berro
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Actin and cytoskeleton; clatherin mediated endocytosis; mathematical modeling combined with experiment; imaging
Joerg Bewersdorf's picture

Joerg Bewersdorf
Cell Biology; Biomedical Engineering Super resolution imaging; nanoscopy
Marcus Bosenberg's picture

Marcus Bosenberg
Dermatology; Pathology Melanoma biology; soft tissue tumors
Stuart Campbell's picture

Stuart Campbell
Biomedical Engineering; Cellular and Molecular Physiology Understanding mechanisms that underlie genetics forms of heart disease using computational and experimental tools and approaches.
Hui Cao's picture

Hui Cao
Applied Physics; Physics Biophotonics; Nanophotonics; Complex optical materials and phenomena
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John Carlson
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Olfaction, taste and pheromone perception
Damon Clark's picture

Damon Clark
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Neuronal computation
Caitlin Davis's picture

Caitlin Davis
Chemistry Using time-resolved spectral imaging at multiple scales, from in vitro to single cell to whole organism, to make connections between molecular mechanisms and cellular function.
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Enrique De La Cruz
Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry Molecular motors, cytoskeleton, polymer mechanics
Purushottam Dixit's picture

Purushottam Dixit
Biomedical Engineering Build machine learning methds that are rooted in statistical physics to analyze high quality high dimensional “omics” data from biological systems.
Thierry Emonet's picture

Thierry Emonet
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; Physics Live cell and animal information processing and decision making; combining experiments and computational modeling
Rong Fan's picture

Rong Fan
Biomedical Engineering Combining single-cell analysis technology and systems biology to study cell-cell communication and cellular heterogeneity in human cancers and the immune system
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Paul Forscher
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Actin assembly; cytoskeletal protein dynamics; cellular motion; microscopy
Josh Gendron's picture

Josh Gendron
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology How protein degradation controls the circadian clock in plants. Plant biology, circadian clock, light sensing, protein degradation, abiotic plant interactions, biological timing mechanisms, plant development.
Mark Gerstein's picture

Mark Gerstein
Biomedical Informatics; Computer Science Bioinformatics; biological database design, genomics; human genome annotation; gene expression analysis; data mining; macromolecular structure and function
Amir Haji-Akbari's picture

Amir Haji-Akbari
Chemical and Environmental Engineering molecular thermodynamics and statistical mechanics; computational materials science and molecular simulations; rare events and path sampling techniques; applied mathematics; protein folding and aggregation
Scott Holley's picture

Scott Holley
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Systems biology and biomechanics of musculoskeletal axis development in zebrafish.
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Valerie Horsley
Dermatology; Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Stem cells; wound healing; cellular mechanics
Jonathon Howard's picture

Jonathon Howard
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry; Physics Biochemical and biophysical basis of cell shape and motion; cytoskeletal mechanics
Jay Humphrey's picture

Jay Humphrey
Biomedical Engineering Vascular mechanics; mechanobiology; computational modeling and wet lab experiments
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Farren Isaacs
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Systems biology; genome engineering; complex biological behaviors; engineered RNAs
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Erdem Karatekin
Cellular and Molecular Physiology Membrane fusion, dynamics of lipid membranes, imaging
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Jaehong Kim
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Antimicrobial/biocidal surface development and application of nanomaterials for water treatment
Megan King's picture

Megan King
Cell Biology Nuclear mechanics; DNA repair; chromatin, nuclear envelope and cytoskeletal interconnectedness and structure
Yuval Kluger's picture

Yuval Kluger
Pathology Method development and analysis of genomic patters; cancer biomaker discovery; epigenetics
Anthony Koleske's picture

Anthony Koleske
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry; Neurobiology Cellular shape and motility; biochemical dissection of signaling pathways; regulation of normal and cancer cell migration; and formation, function and stability of neural connections
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Chun Hay Alex Kwan
Neurobiology; Psychiatry Neural basis of attentional and working memory behaviors; neuronal circuits; optical imaging
Roy Lederman's picture

Roy Lederman
Statistics and Data Science Cryo-EM; numerical analysis and signal processing; geometry of data; computational biology algorithms; mathematics of data science
Andre Levchenko's picture

Andre Levchenko
Biomedical Engineering Systems Biology; Signal Transduction and Cell-Cell Communication; Cell Decision Making; Microfluidics and Micro- and Nano-fabrication; Stem Cell Engineering
Zachary Levine's picture

Zachary Levine
Pathology Integration of Computational Models with Protein Experiments to Deduce the Molecular Basis of Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and Human Aging
Liang Liang's picture

Liang Liang
Neuroscience Synaptic and neural circuit mechanisms underlying visual information processing; combining recording of neural activity in awake behaving animals, image processing, and computational modeling
Yimin Luo's picture

Yimin Luo
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Experimental soft matter group working primarily in three types of systems: shear-induced deformation and rearrangements of soft particles, collective behaviors of active colloids, and cell-substrate interactions
Zongming Ma's picture

Zongming Ma
Statistics and Data Science Developing machine learning and statistical tools to gain biological insights from spatial and single-cell data
Benjamin Machta's picture

Benjamin Machta
Physics Statistical physics of biological systems; critical points and phase transitions, membrane systems
Michael Mak's picture

Michael Mak
Biomedical Engineering Multiscale mechanobiology in cancer and development, from molecular to multicellular levels, integrating microfluidics, wet-lab experiments, and computational approaches.
Nikhil Malvankar's picture

Nikhil Malvankar
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Understanding how bacteria employ pili nanowires to carry out respiration, cell-to-cell communication and attachment to host surfaces to cause infections
Kathryn Miller-Jensen's picture

Kathryn Miller-Jensen
Biomedical Engineering; Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology HIV latency; signaling pathways; high-throughput single cell analysis; computational, experimental and systems-level approaches
Andrew Miranker's picture

Andrew Miranker
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Protein self-assembly; protein folding and dynamics; amyloid
Simon Mochrie's picture

Simon Mochrie
Applied Physics; Physics Biomaterials and surfaces; optical tweezers; atomic force microscopy; phase transitions of soft matter
Binyam Mogessie's picture

Binyam Mogessie
Molelcular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
John Murray's picture

John Murray
Psychiatry Computational neuroscience
Michael Murrell's picture

Michael Murrell
Biomedical Engineering Cytoskeleton, Motor Proteins, Membranes, Cellular Mechanics
Corey O'Hern's picture

Corey O'Hern
EASMMS Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science EAS School of Engineering and Applied Science
Amir Pahlavan's picture

Amir Pahlavan
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Transport phenomena in crowded environments; interfacially-driven flows; soft matter; gradient sensing and chemotaxis
Richard Prum's picture

Richard Prum
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Ornithology Avian feather evolution; structural color; avian color vision; avian phylogenetics and behavioral evolution
Anna Marie Pyle's picture

Anna Marie Pyle
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; Chemistry RNA remodeling enzymes; RNA tertiary structure; molecular virology; computational studies of RNA structure
Hesper Rego's picture

Hesper Rego
Microbial Pathogenesis imaging (including building microscopes), single-cell level experiments, mycobacterial infections, drivers of heterogeneity
Shreya Saxena's picture

Shreya Saxena
Biomedical Engineering Investigating topics at the interface of statistical inference, recurrent neural networks, control theory, and neuroscience.
Edward Stites's picture

Edward Stites
Laboratory Medicine Systems level understandings of biological function and dysfunction; mathematical modeling
Xiaolei Su's picture

Xiaolei Su
Cell Biology Membranes, phase separation, and regulation of immune signaling; single molecule imaging and cell engineering
Alison Sweeney's picture

Alison Sweeney
Physics; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology self-assenbly and optical properties of molecular structures, biophysics, evolution of deep sea squid camouflage, combining theory with experiment
Paul Turner's picture

Paul Turner
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary genetics and genomics of microbes, experimental evolution, virus disease emergence and of virus evolvability, combining microbiology, computational biology, genomics, molecular biology and mathematical-modeling approaches.
David van Dijk's picture

David van Dijk
Internal Medicine, Computer Science Machine Learning; Computational Biology; Genomics; Single-cell Analysis; Deep Learning; Computational Neuroscience; Machine Learning in (Bio)Physics and (Bio)Chemistry
Madhusudhan Venkadesan's picture

Madhusudhan Venkadesan
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Biomechanics, biologically inspired design, combining theory and experiment
Min Wu's picture

Min Wu
Cell Biology Single cell oscillations and travelling waves, membrane curvature, cell size homeostasis, applications of non-equilibrium dynamics in biology, quantitative biology
Jing Yan's picture

Jing Yan
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Imaging and modeling the developmental process of bacterial communities, characterizing and understanding the soft matter properties of bacterial biofilms, designing new bioinspired materials and surfaces
Elsa Chui-Ying Yan's picture

Elsa Chui-Ying Yan
Chemistry Biomolecular interactions at interfaces; signal transduction across biomembranes; molecular mechanism of vision
Yongli Zhang's picture

Yongli Zhang
Cell Biology Folding and assembly of proteins involved in membrane fusion; chromatin remodelers and ATP dependent translocases; single-molecule biophysics; optical tweezers
Steven Zucker's picture

Steven Zucker
Computer Science; Electrical Engineering Computational vision, including early vision, grouping, and generic shape analysis